Foam Party Safety Tips

Foam Party Safety Tips

As fun as foam parties are, they also present some safety risks due to the wet and slippery nature of foam. In order to ensure the safety of your guests, it is important that you follow a few basic safety tips:

Choose the right soap

Most foam parties simply use dish soap, as it tends to foam up quite well. However, using plain dish soap could cause irritations and rashes in those with sensitive skin, which certainly isn’t a pleasant way to end a party.

Dish soap may also get into people’s eyes, which can sting or burn. Consider using a hypoallergenic or at least mild shower soap or bath foam that is made for using on the skin and won’t be as irritating.

Advise your guests to wear shoes

People may be inclined to show up at a foam party in flip flips or even bare feet, but this is not ideal in wet and slippery conditions. For one thing, flip flops are likely to get lost in the foam, but another problem is that the foam will be covering people’s feet, which means that the likelihood of feet getting trodden on is quite high.

Don’t allow sliding and skidding

While it is certainly tempting to have a quick slide or skid on the slippery floor, this can lead to collisions and neck or back injuries. For some reason guys also often feel the need to pick up the girls or even their own friends, but this could also be risky if the person doing the carrying slips and falls.

To play it safe, put some rules in place to prevent people from getting too wild and purposely skidding on the floor or trying out other stunts.

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