Foam Machine Rentals

Foam Machine Rentals

Now offering foam machine rentals on all of our foam machines. Whether you have a Foam Party of 5 or 40 people, we have the best foam machines for you!

All of our foam machines weigh as little as 42 lbs up to 52 lbs. Our Foam Machines are compact, light, and extremely durable! Perfect for your all your foam party needs! An important factor is to not go the cheap route. Stick with foam machines that are made by true foam party professionals.

  • Foam X1 – Small Foam Machine – It produces over 500  cubic feet of foam less than in 10 minutes.*
  • Foam X2 – Medium Foam Machine  – It produces over 1500  cubic feet of foam less than in 10 minutes.*
  • Foamy – Large Foam Machine – It produces over 3750 cubic feet of foam in less than 5 minutes *
  • Foam Fun Parties Infinite – Large Commercial Grade machine Our own hand made Large Foam Generator (One of the largest producing foam machines) this machine weighs less that 47 pounds. Producing over 7,000 cubic feet of foam in less than 2 minutes! These foam machines put ALL foam machines rentals to shame! (We are the ONLY foam party company offering commercial grade foam machine rentals!)
  • Foam Fun Parties Colossus – Largest Producing Commercial Grade Foam Machine. We have done it again blowing away all foam machines with this amazing foam machine. Lightweight, compact and producing foam that is astronomical. (No other machine is better than this!)

If you are interested to rent our foam machine for your next party, kindly click here and complete the online application.